How do I edit a news item?

Login to the admin panel.

Click on posts.

Click on the link for the news item you wish to edit.

Adjust Title, Details, and Featured image as you see fit.   See “How do I add a news item” for details if needed.

Make sure “news” remains checked as the Category in the “Categories” panel.

NOTE: Longer Titles may not fit completely in the “Recent News” captions on the main Home page near the bottom. See example below – the complete Title is “Illinois 255 and US 67 Work Nearing Completion.”


Important Note: Very Large image sizes will drastically reduce website performance. Current image sizes are around 400K and have been edited to be about 1000 x 667 pixels. You made need to resize any very large images with Photoshop or any photo editor before using on your site. Note that some of your original images are 4320 x 3240 or larger which makes them about 15 MB. Resizing them down to 1000 x 667 should get them to an appropriate size. If files are still over 500K, use the “Save for Web” feature in photoshop to get them down below 500K. If images will be displayed in smaller areas like in news items, it is best to make the image sizes even smaller.


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