How do I setup access for a specific group or client?

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A “Client” is basically a company or group which may need access to specific files – or may need to share specific files.     Think of a client as everyone associated with the same company.

A “Circle” is a group of anyone that may be working on the same project.    You may have more than one client in the same circle.


If your needs are simplistic, you can view “clients” as “projects” and simply create a single client per project.

Creating and Managing Clients and Staff.

Login in as admin.

Click on WP-Client.

Click on “Clients”

The clients tab will be visible on the clients admin page.     Here you can define each client you work with.

Click on the “Add Client” tab.

Fill in all fields and be sure to make note of the password so you can distribute it to your vendors / clients.

Note that if you want every member of the project to be able to login with a single shared account, make a generic username such as “enclave” – you could essentially share this same userid and password with everyone working on the Enclave project for sharing files securely.    Only those with the enclave username and password would see anything associated with this project.

If you want every member or a project to have their own user id and password, you should give the username in the client add area a real username for the main person – i.e.  “cwenzel” and then create individual accounts for each person associated with this client / project.

To add individual users – click on the “Staff Add” tab.    Fill in required fields.    Click the Assign to Client Link and select the client which this staff member works for.

All Staff assigned to the same client can see and manipulate the same client portal pages.


You may choose to use circles when you need multiple clients to have access to the same project.    i.e.   Each client already has their own private Hub area, but while working together on a Major Construction project, both clients will need access to the same area.

Click on “Circles”

Name your Project – i.e. “Highway 255”

click “Assign Clients to Circle” to select all clients who need access.

Click “Add Clients to Circle”


Create an admin user for anyone who requires full edit / administrative access to manage the client portal area but should NOT have full admin access for the rest of the site.


I do not believe you will require this functionality – but here is the documentation in case you want to read about it.

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